The Perfect Video Editing Laptop for Me

After I signed up to go to Cayman I realised I was going to have to cover a few unexpected expenses by the end of the year. I’d need to have money for a car when I arrived, money for a down payment on my rent, and money to get a computer so that I can carry on with my editing.

As an Apple fan the obvious thing that I wanted was a Macbook, but even though I love their products, even I can’t justify paying double the price for lower specs. When it comes to video editing, the right specs are very important. It’s the difference between a computer being useful for years to come and one that will be mindbogglingly┬áslow in a few months. After a ton of research I found a laptop that had the best balance between performance and price for me. This is a key issue for most people. If money is not an issue, it’s easy to get the very best. But at some point the value for money goes out the window and the price increases exponentially more than the benefits. It’s about finding that spot for you and making sure you don’t cross it.

I chose the ASUS Republic of Gamers G751GT. As you can see in the video, it’s a monster of a machine, and will hopefully be an editing beast for the next few years. I’ll put it to the test soon.

Marc Williams

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