The Meaning of Easter

When wanting to know what the meaning of Easter is, we went directly to the experts. Well… sort of.

We went into our children’s church, called CityHill Kids, and pulled random kids out of their classrooms to answer the question, ‘What is the meaning of Easter?’

The bright lights and the four adults staring was an intimidating environment for the kids and they were understandably a bit nervous, but after a bit of chatting we got down to our main question. Whilst some of the kids didn’t know, most of them knew a lot more than we anticipated, especially the younger kids. This meant in the editing stage, I had to get a bit creative with the structure to build up to the right answer.

Unfortunately, because we were slap bang in the middle of a building filled with screaming, laughing, and generally loud kids, sound was a nightmare to record. I had to spend a long time trying to get it as audible as possible. Sometimes your filming environment is out of your control, so you have to make the best of it. We could have gotten it better by getting the mic closer to the kids and giving the person monitoring the sound proper sound cancelling headphones.

Regardless, there’s nothing cuter than little kids answering life’s big questions. Here are a few more fun responses that didn’t make it into the video:

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