The Love Interview

If there’s one thing I find interesting, it’s people. We’re filled with very different opinions and understandings of life and the world around us. That’s why it’s so fascinating to watch interviews. The last time we pulled off interviews it was with completely random suckers people we found on the beach one afternoon. Thanks to my friend Msizi’s charm, it’s still one of my favourite videos we’ve done to date.

So this Valentines day I thought we would go more professional, and with a love theme. With the acquisition of a crazy expensive professional backdrop, the lights went up, the boom pole was out and it was time to shoot. I invited a pile of friends over, and two by two I interrogated them on love. I also jumped into the mix, with my co-star from The Awkward Date Miss Kate Hohls, to provide some new awkwardness to this video.

What we got was some brilliantly funny responses, so much so that fitting it into one video that makes sense was not an easy task. Many great lines got the chop, but thanks to the beauty of YouTube you can watch more of these on the SrizzilExtra Channel, or right here on the website.

What better way to spend this Valentine’s day than watching a Srizzil video, wouldn’t you agree?

Special thanks to our stars, in order of appearance: Danielle de Bruyn, James Carkeek, Byron Langley, Cameron Wright, Leah Bester, Micaela Keddie, Marc Williams, Kate Hohls, Heidi Sadler, Jason Groom, Andrew Bloch, Kayleigh Swart, Gareth Hook, Andrew Van Rensburg, Graham Van Rensburg, Jin Hyun Byun. In the bonus footage: Regan Horne, Shauna Barthus.

Marc Williams

Some say I'm the most handsome man in the world (my mom), others tend to disagree, but one thing is certain - I love to entertain. Whether it be through music, writing, or film, seeing people respond with a smile is worth more than a bag of gold. Figuratively obviously, because smiles are free and gold is very expensive.

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