The Greatest City in the World

If there’s one thing I simply can’t stand, it’s working on my birthday. This is because I am yet to do a job that I love, and so I’m sure this will change, but for now I book leave on my birthday as soon as possible.

This year was no exception, everything was approved just fine, although there was much wailing and nashing of teeth when the day finally came for me to head out. I booked my flights to visit an old friend living and working in America, New Jersey to be exact. It was my first time in America, my first time in such a big city and my first time travelling to a new country completely alone.

What an adventure. I don’t think I slept more than a few hours each night, and everywhere you went there were people moving. Even when we took the train at 2AM there were people moving around. I tried in vein to capture the sights and sounds of this magnificent city, to capture its creative spirit and amazing architecture. But you can’t capture New York, you have to experience it.

Marc Williams

Some say I'm the most handsome man in the world (my mom), others tend to disagree, but one thing is certain - I love to entertain. Whether it be through music, writing, or film, seeing people respond with a smile is worth more than a bag of gold. Figuratively obviously, because smiles are free and gold is very expensive.

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