The Awkward Date

Dating is a strange phenomenon practiced by humans to get to know the other sex better and find out if they’re compatible. We strive to find someone to live with, I think, because nobody truly wants to be alone. This leads to many awkward situations and set ups with complete strangers. People have different expectations, and expect certain mannered behaviour.


The date scene is something of a dead horse beaten over and over because even if you’ve never been on a date, you can relate to the awkward situations they create. The challenge was to add a Srizzil spin to it.  My biggest concern on releasing the video is that it may be so awkward it’s difficult to watch. But for people with a sense of humour like mine, you’ll find the awkwardness of two strangers trying to find something to say to each other hilarious in itself.


My friend Kate had made some date videos for her youth and was keen to do a Srizzil video, I suggested we do an awkward date video together. Kate and I hashed out some random ideas and my friends Jonathan and Graham added some great laughs. Soon we had a video.


Thanks to some connections another friend, Jared, organised for us to film at Blockman’s Grill in Pinetown. The staff were super accommodating, and let us film for the full six hours it took to get through shooting. At literally a moments notice, more amazing friends Ross and Kirsty (she’s the waitress serving us), dropped everything and rushed over to help us film. Jin, the man with an answer to all your girl problems, was on hand to help direct and record sound while I jumped in front of the camera.


I think what I’m getting at here is this was an awesome collaborative effort, and I’m super grateful to all those involved. Since exams finished I’ve been dieing to shoot another video and we got it done.


I’m most excited to note that the sound issues should be pretty much gone and quality will continue to improve as I get used to my great new sound equipment. I also pulled out the keyboard and weird opera voices to create some background music which you can see me putting together in the Behind the Scenes video:

Marc Williams

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