Stuff Happens

Last weekend my youth went on camp. On the Saturday some of the people went to play paint ball whilst others stayed at camp and made a short video with me.

I had an idea for this epic baseball game to be playing out, just like those Little Rascal movies, where all the friends would get together to play. To make it more interesting I thought, what if everything was going perfectly, and then it all suddenly went very wrong. The result is an interesting turn of events, in what feels like two very separate parts in one video. The heroic build up to the home run smasher, and then the trip and fall, being caught out easily by somebody who isn’t even paying attention and the opposing team’s celebration at your loss.

Due to our short time constraints I opted to go for an artsy but epic slow motion feel with no dialog, and managed to find some gorgeous creative commons music to fit. I had a future SA cricketer, Bonga, swinging, and I thought it would be really cool to have this cute little girl doing the pitching. It just gives the video that neighbourhood game feel.

It was a stunning sunset, and the wind actually made for some beautiful shots with the slow motion. Unfortunately shooting with no lights at sunset is like trying to race against a cheetah. It took a lot of editing in post to try and make the video look like it’s all happening at once whilst we were really loosing light. I like the fact that it seems to get darker in the second half though, and happily enhanced this look to make it feel even more sad. I used the phrase, “Stuff Happens,” as opposed to the more risqué but perhaps funnier, “Sh*t Happens,” to drive home the idea that life is not perfect.

The result is a fun little video that captures a moment of time at a great camp.

Marc Williams

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