Srizzil’s #RoastYourselfChallenge

The first #RoastYourselfChallenge I saw was Caspar Lee’s one. I loved the idea of roasting yourself, because it’s the kind of comedy I love. Self-deprecating comedy.

A week ago I sat down to finally put this together. I searched for a track I liked as a background and then spent a Friday evening writing the lyrics. A week later I worked through a Sunday afternoon recording the rap and making it sound as good as possible with the limited knowledge I have of sound recording.

Then it was time to get filming. I took my camera out on a few afternoons to try and film random bits of the video, but it wasn’t until Saturday when the real filming began. I filmed and edited the entire day until I was happy with the final product.

Get more behind the scenes from the BTS video on SrizzilExtra:

Marc Williams

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