Soccer Tour 2013

Last weekend I jumped on a plane with a few of my colleagues from Durban and travelled to what South Africans like to call the mother city, Cape Town. I’m not entirely sure if this name has something to do with people in Cape Town insulting each other’s mothers a lot or if it’s a reference to the city being the starting point for civilisation in South Africa. Regardless, jetting off to said city was an exciting prospect, the last time I had been there was in the second grade.

We were headed there for a company soccer tour. It’s become a tradition of sorts for our company to get together every year with the different offices fighting for bragging rights. Many offices are in clubs and play regularly together. Durban, my team, included team members we were meeting for the first time as we collected our boarding passes.

With the odds against us we took the bumpy two hour ride down the coast, to be greeted by a cloud covered table mountain and cold wind.

Our first night was spent in the booked out Trinity night club, with an unenthused DJ and flowing drinks. Our hotel, the Fire and Ice hotel, was filled with oddities such as themed bathrooms, a clear glass shower in the middle of a shared room and wires you could bend to make them glow going up the stairwell.

When Saturday morning arrived most of the teams were hung-over. This was a clear advantage for me after sticking to water all night and having to suffer being entirely alert to the terrible DJ. Unfortunately my alertness couldn’t save our team from striking out in the group stages. We came second in our group after a win, a loss, two draws, and a win from another team forfeiting. Unfortunately the points difference killed us and we were soon heading back to the hotel.

Whilst most of my colleagues were keen to go back to clubs on Saturday night I was far more interested in seeing the city. I got a lift to the famous Cape Town waterfront and spent hours wondering around taking selfies. I grabbed some fish and chips and watched South Africa take on Australia (Rugby) in a packed out pub with a view of the ships, ending off the night with a ridiculously expensive five minute taxi ride back to the hotel.

To end off my Cape Town trip I decided to go to the hotel gym for a lonely workout in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I stared out the window at the lit up city in the shadow of a mountain and looked forward to returning soon.

Marc Williams

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