Robbed on a Greyhound Bus

I’ve had to make way too many less than positive vlogs this year, but this one has to be the worst. It was hard enough being robbed of my most valuable possessions, but the complete disrespect and lethargic response from Greyhound staff immediately following the incident makes me sick. Then when making comments on social media, getting a lack luster sorry and no mention of even trying to ensure this doesn’t happen again to some other poor fool who is unfortunate enough to take their method of transport added salt to the wound.

A group of my amazing YouTube friends and I started a hashtag #SaferThanAGreyhoundBus which was seen by over 2000 people. This finally solicited a reply to me sending them all the information on the incident, essentially saying they’re not going to do anything about it.

Never mind the fact that the bus ride cost me over $6000 in valuables which they clearly have no interest in even considering refunding, but they won’t even commit to trying to find a solution to the problem. With zero controls in place this is definitely happening way more often than they’d care to admit, which explains the complete lack of responsibility assumption.

I simply can’t let such a huge loss in my life, years of slogging, just drift off into the sea of Greyhound Bus crimes. Perhaps I should end every vlog going forward with, “You’re welcome, but remember to never use a Greyhound bus.”

Marc Williams

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