Reflections 2015

Apple gets into selling watches, Star Wars breaks box office records, renewed terrorism fears in the Western world, and one final idiotic move by the South African president to finish off the year, costing the country billions in lost investment and more.


2015 you filthy #%*&@. You had so many promises and yet you delivered only this. Sure 2015 had it’s highs, not just little highs, massive highs. Getting positive results for my second board exam, getting a job in the Cayman Islands for 2016, finishing articles, traveling to Egypt. But the joy of these felt robbed by the more drawn out lows.


Third year articles was no walk in the park. It was more like being wrapped naked in barbed wire and dragged relentlessly through the streets. The long hours started in January, and ended… only on the day I was signed off. My last week of work was so rough that I spent the Friday night throwing up instead of celebrating. The scary thing is that some of my colleages had it even worse, much worse. But this is what we signed up for, three years of slavery in order to gain unmeasurable experience. Boy did I learn a lot. From the first deadline, to the first batch of completely clueless first years, learning to delegate like crazy to avoid being crushed under the steaming load and learning to play to everyone’s strengths. FYI This is why the trainees that are good straight out the gate generally find themselves with a lot more work than their colleages.


But even those rough times had their moments. The pride I felt each time a job was archived safely on some server far away from me, the comradory of the teams working late into the night, and the few times things went right and we got a well done. Movie Friday became Ranting Friday when the article clarks were together, special times moaning with people who understood the struggle and one upping each other with the crazy things that had happened through the week. These are some of the fond memories which no doubt will overshadow the lower points.


Our third year video this year was once again a huge highlight for me, putting together something that would capture all the struggle with humor and all the personalities with reckless abandon.


I set out at the beginning of the year to make YouTube videos every week, and for the first half of the year I succeeded. From short films to fun vlogs and everything in between. Once work began on the third year video it became a bit too much to keep up the schedule, and then I had the wonderful opportunities of actually being paid to make some videos which weren’t for YouTube. This meant that although I may not have released a video every single week, I was certainly working on one every week. This creative outlet was essential to my sanity throughout the year, and essential to my growth as a storyteller. My only disappointment here is that I wish more people would watch. Not because I want to become rich or famous, but simply because they’re a lot of hard work and it feels like somebody throwing good ice-cream on the floor when only 100 people watch it.


Serving in worship took an unexpected turn this year. It was a year of increasing skill, learning to lean on others, and if I’m honest a year of impatient waiting. Waiting for something to happen, for something to click, for another realm to be opened up, but never really getting there. But the time will come still, and we must relentlessly persue the new places God is taking us.


Last year I ended my Reflections with a quote from Walt Disney, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” I didn’t realize how much impossible I would be doing. And whilst in hind sight it is fun to have achieved it, it certainly isn’t called impossible for nothing. This next year will be filled with many very different challenges. Living oceans away from home with food to cook and dirty washing to clean, truly far out of the comfort zone but finally out of the nest. I look forward to some hard work but even harder play, with exciting new countries to explore only a plane ticket away.


Marc Williams

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