As brands continue to find it more difficult to reach their intended audience in this noisy world, influential people on social media now hold all the cards. They attract audiences by providing them with content, content people actually want to watch. It’s this content that brands will need to be associated with as we move towards a future of greater ad blocking and resistance to stale marketing methods.

Brands have seen this and have begun embracing these influencers with open arms. But connecting with those influencers can be difficult. Without true metrics, and with so many different platforms, it’s difficult to see who will benefit your campaign the most. Companies like Webfluential have stepped in to create a one stop solution. Gathering all the data you need in one place to make your decision, and facilitating the negotiation process.

Now, Webfluential has added another element to the connection. Instead of reaching out to just one person for campaign ideas, your brand can submit a brief describing what you want and who you’d like to reach. Webfluential will send that brief out to the influencers who match your criteria and they can pitch ideas. It’s not only streamlining the process, it’s expanding the amount of ideas you’ll get, allowing you to cherry pick and create the best possible campaign.

If you’d like to find out more head over┬áto their website now.

Marc Williams

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