NindXStation 12

With all the talk of the latest and greatest gaming stations hitting the market over the last few months, I liked the idea of bringing back the Fat Free Beaches duo for a fast paced advert poking fun at this muti-billion dollar world of gaming. Joining the fighting factions of gaming may be horrific to die-hard fans, but their elitism doesn’t exist beyond their own world. Late in 2013, just before the latest consoles were released, Xbox tweeted Sony good luck in a show of great sportsmanship.

We wanted something fast paced, clever and funny, and we wanted it all in one take. Check out the bloopers here:

Byron Langley is back, but these days he’s running his own YouTube channel, spreading the story led YouTube goodness one video at a time. Be sure to head over and subscribe to his channel. We made a video together on his channel which you can watch below:

Marc Williams

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