My first Official Vlog

After watching vlogs on YouTube for years, I finally decided to start creating them myself. I’ve always been far more interested in telling stories and doing interviews with interesting people, but this is a medium that I can no longer ignore. It’s something that’s now part of our culture as young people, and as much as some older folk don’t understand it, we do. It’s a connection with someone, it’s a medium through which we can relate directly to them. I like it because it captures a sense of who you are at that moment in time, more so than you playing a character does.

Because some people have subscribed to our main channel because they enjoy the type of videos we make there, I’ve decided it’s a far better idea to use the SrizzilExtra channel for vlogs. This allows people that want to have more personal content from me, to get that without annoying people that don’t like those kinds of videos.

So join me on this journey, you couldn’t find a more cliché line than that, and let’s get to know each other better. Subscribe to SrizzilExtra now.

  • James Carkeek

    You are so strange 😛 Well done 🙂

  • Kate My

    Haha! “and…Mandela”. I like, I like. Doesn’t it feel strange that we all get to see into your world and into you and know you so so well, “Marc you’re so funny!” and then when you see us it’s like “who are you?”
    Oh the life of a celebrity 🙂 
    I thought it would be so weird watching this video, for those reasons, so much personal…ness… but it was really nice 🙂 And this is how I spend Friday nights. (lol, jk Satellite is amazing.)
    So please follow me back, Marc! Please! Don’t make me say please again, then it will become a little pathetic. It’s
    This is a long comment.
    What if it was the longest you ever got.
    I could make a Guiness thing right here right now
    But what i really need is some sleep.
    Thanks for the video and for this comment box! 

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