Meeting an Elephant

There are perks to having a job, not the least of which is getting some cash to have some fun with it. My friends and I headed up to Hluhluwe for a couple of days to see some wildlife and chill out in the bush. On our way up, things got interesting:

The miraculous thing was that the roof racks managed to cross the freeway and land on the other side without being too badly damaged and without any other cars hitting them.

The place we stayed in was great, the rooms were nice, it had a pool, free wi-fi, a driving range, golf course – which we took a jog around one day – filled with buck, and a large game reserve near by filled with amazing animals.

Sometimes we forget that we are very privileged to live in such a beautiful country with these amazing animals so close to us. This trip reminded me once again why it’s great to be South African.

  • Kate May

    Wow what stunning footage!!

    Amazing how fast the elephants drink…
    Looks like such a fun holiday 🙂

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