Meeting a Cheetah

Nambiti, a large game reserve in Lady Smith, South Africa, is home to the Kwa Cheetah Breeding Project.

The main goal behind the Kwa Cheetah Project is to repopulate cheetahs into the wild.  The reason we are trying to do this is because there are only between seven and ten thousand cheetahs left worldwide. About two thousand cheetahs are dying every four years due to natural predation, humans, and genetics.”

I’ve long wanted to spend time with these wild animals and learn more about them. So when my family was on holiday about an hour away from Lady Smith we decided to take the drive up and meet the Cheetahs.

It was an amazing experience. Being so close to, and even petting and interacting with these magnificent creatures was unforgettable. We got to see a Leopard, Cheetahs, Cheetah Cubs and Serval cats.

Spending time with the animals was not only special, but it was also extremely educational. They have a dog trained to teach the Cheetahs how to hunt so they’re prepared when they’re released into the wild. They’re killing machines, and yet they can be so gentle around people because they’ve been brought up by the rangers. The rangers fed us all sorts of amazing facts, and kept a close eye on the Cheetah’s behavior to ensure they were happy with us there.

I had no idea these animals were so near extinction, and I feel so privileged to live in a country where after just a few hours drive I get to see them.

If you’re ever in the area, stop off there. It’ll leave a lasting affect.

We stayed at ‘Lords of the Manor,’ during this weekend. A small owner run place with a fantastic medieval theme. One or two pictures in the gallery are from there.

  • Odete

    What an amazing experience. A definite highlight in our lives.

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