John van de Ruit – The Complete Interview

Over the last year I have spent a lot of time watching Inside the Actors studio, an American television program. Each episode is an interview with somebody in the film industry. It’s shot in front of a large group of students from an acting school and is very comprehensive. It follows their entire lives, learning about where they’re from and how they got to where they are today. It’s a full hours program which shows real insight into these people.

When it came time to interview John van de Ruit I had been watching marathons of these interviews and wanted to try it myself. John van de Ruit is one of the most successful South African authors in recent history as well as a well known actor and playwright, making him a fascinating person to talk to.

I’m very proud of this interview, I do realise that in current YouTube terms it’s extremely long, but I think it will help to inspire aspiring actors and writers by hearing the story of someone who’s made something of himself doing just that. John is very open about his struggles and victories, allowing us some insight into what it takes to make it in South Africa.

I would like to publicly thank John for bearing with me for one of his longest interviews ever, and the countless questions. I hope our chat will encourage you to seize your opportunities and never give up on your dreams.

Marc Williams

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