iPhone 7 event with Apple Watch Series 2 – Everything you need to know

With every Apple event there is always a ridiculous amount of hype. Normally all the cool features are ruined by rumors, and the media immediately finds something to declare the iPhone dead. The Samsung lovers and Apple haters come out in full force to try and force their annoying opinions on why we are all stupid for preferring a different product to them on us. It’s troll heaven.

Regardless Apple always seems to come out with beautiful products that move technology forward – even if incrementally – and change the game in some way. No, they’re not perfect. But there products are still some of the best in the world which, in spite of all the noise, has made them one of the biggest companies in the world.

The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 were announced this week, and I made a quick video to recap the important points of the announcement.

Marc Williams

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