Greg’s 18th Birthday

Life is far from perfect, and the beauty of storytelling is we get to capture, comment, and laugh at those imperfections. I enjoy watching the office because they capture the raw silliness of people. They take a situation people know well, heighten the characters to new extremes, and use them in everyday situations to poke fun at office life. With Greg’s 18th Birthday, I wanted to do the same.

What are the typical teenage extremes we can heighten? How about a jock, a caring church kid, nerds, losers? Ok, now what is the cliché that male teenagers are always joking about? What about pornography, masturbation, and the objectification of woman. Now we have the makings of a funny situation that can poke fun at real life.

Just like Fat free beaches, this was an opportunity to be a risque with a purpose. To hold up a mirror to everyday life and laugh at it’s ridiculous nature. And I think this will similarly be a polarizing video. Feel free to express your love or hate in the comments either here, or in the YouTube comments.

In this six hour shoot, we got a great team of people together, to act, film and capture sound. Thanks to a detailed script, getting things done went fairly smoothly, with the opening scene being the toughest and longest to shoot. A well deserved thank-you goes to the two ladies (Heidi and Camilla) who held the heavy boom for most of the shoot, whilst the guys did the emotional work in front of the camera.

Camilla Wolfson (Tracy) bravely allowed us to objectify her. It’s something that can only be done by somebody who is professional and confident in themselves, so great job. Also look out for Jason Groom’s (Sammy) wickedly funny expressions in this video, he gave me some great laughs while editing. Andrew Bloch’s (Mathew) unscripted line of, ‘are you OK,’ had me floored and I’m hoping other people will get it’s genius when they see why his character is there. As usual Byron Langley is spot on and incredibly funny, I love that I can ask him to do ridiculous things like wrap streamers around his bicep and he can make it funnier than I pictured in my head. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to JD (Greg’s little brother), in his first acting gig, it was so good to have you in this video bro.

Watch the behind the scenes below to see us in action and some of the fun we had on set. I actually had another three minutes of great video which had to be cut because it was causing my editing software to crash, but this is enjoyable nonetheless.

Click to see some pictures from the shoot.

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