Granny Robber

From the brain boxes of Jason Du Randt and Marc Williams comes the outrageous idea that a Granny as cute as Diana Chevalier would rob someone as innocent looking as Byron Langley. Apparently, according to news reports, grannies have in fact been known to rob people. Perhaps, however, none are as flippant as ours.


This time we set up at the Du Randt household, thanks to the amazing hospitality of the family, we took over their entrance way for a good few hours and got to work. Yet again Byron Langley brought his game face and we introduce the amazing Diana Chevalier. If you watch the Behind the Scenes I think you’ll easily agree that she has to be one of the coolest grannies you’ll ever meet. She’s an undiscovered gem of an actress and it was an honour to work with her. Jared Price, a new addition to the Srizzil crew, brought his beautiful granny car and gaffer skills to the shoot. And Christy Kiggan, Diana’s unofficial handler, was there to make sure everything ran smoothly.


After sound issues on the last video for people with dodgy laptops, I tried my utmost to make the sound better in this one. Some people may see an improvement, some may not. But trust me I tried hard to improve the sound with the software I’ve got. I hope you also notice some beautiful shots thrown into this video, if you’re an arty type I trust they made you smile.


For more laughs, maybe even more so than the actual video, watch the Behind the Scenes including discussions and outtakes below:

  • Kate H

     Moments I laughed out loud:
    When she tries on that hat!!
    When I saw that the bag she was putting stuff into was a WW shopping bag!!
    When he was playing with the toys! haha!
    When she put the second photo frame back
    When he happily gives her directions to “the good stuff”!
    When he’s on his phone when she walks out…
    Haha, such a good video 🙂 Nice one Marc (as always)

  • A Daft Scots Lass

    Fuckin’ hysterical!  

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