Today marks a change in South Africa. After the youth stood together, government bowed to the pressure and agreed to a zero percent increase in university fees for 2016.

This is more than students simply not wanting to pay for fees. Most of South Africa’s people live in poverty, with many working multiple jobs just to put food on the table. How do you break the cycle of poverty without education? How do you give your children better lives when you can’t afford to educate them in spite of working yourself to the bone? These are serious questions faced by our people.

I am so proud of the people that have stood with their fellow students, especially those from advantaged families who have nothing to gain in the short term. There is however so much to gain in the future. A country that is well educated, can create jobs, create wealth and build a stronger, more unified nation.

May this just be the beginning, the beginning of our government listening to it’s people, fighting corruption, and bettering the lives of many.

Marc Williams

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