Fat Free Beaches

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Last year, my friend Msizi and I were walking along the beach discussing the influx of overweight people around us. We were joking around about discriminating against them and not allowing them on the beach, and that’s when the name popped out, ‘Fat Free Beaches.’ When I got home it got me thinking. We’re so obsessed with being thin, or fit. In the past, it was considered beautiful to be overweight. Thanks to increased health awareness we know its better not to be, but society has taken it too far with young guys and girls now obsessed with being fit or thin. Guys are taking all sorts of weird and wonderful substances to build muscles whilst girls aren’t eating in the hope of keeping off the pounds. At the same time being fat is still bad for you, but we as people can’t seem to find balance.


Comedy is one of the greatest ways to tackle issues from all sides, to show people just how ridiculous we are without preaching to them. Instead it highlights issues by making people laugh. That is exactly the purpose of this video. The video throws in political references and balances things out with Jock free beaches for maximum discrimination.


Byron Langley is a friend of mine from youth who got a kick start to his acting career in Spud: The Movie. We had been talking about doing a Srizzil video since December last year, in fact I had written the Fat Free Beaches Script with him in mind, but it took us five months to finally get together and film it.


Byron brought his high school friend Willem Nieman, a comedy legend of Glenwood High’s stage, to add some spice to the video. Throw in some help from dynamite Mandy Rothquel and Msizi Hadebe and you have a winning team. Msizi took the honours of the voice over and, I’m sure you’ll agree, did a fantastic job getting overexcited about such a horrible product.


Special thanks to Gary Friedman and Susan Foster for allowing us to use their dog Max. It’s a beautiful thing that complete strangers can be so willing to help out. You can see Max chasing Willem (Jeff 2) in the background of one of the shots. Max is official Fat Free Beaches security.


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