Egypt: Pyramids, Camels and Museums

It was the trip of a lifetime, I have been saving and dreaming of going to Egypt for more than 4 years. It’s a country filled with rich history, with some of the earliest records of man kind and the might and strength of the leaders of the ancient world. Forget all the fear mongers, go and experience this amazing country.

Our flight left King Shaka International on the Friday evening, and we were in Cairo by 10AM the next day. This included a 3 hour stop in Dubai where we found a Chinese massage parlor named, “Be Relax.” Once we had our bags we got ourselves some cash and sim cards before hitting the busy streets of Cairo. Driving in Cairo is madness. Lanes are more like suggestions and hooting is a sport. Luckily Contiki had organised our pick up. I don’t think we saw one car that didn’t have a dent in it, and donkey driven carts happily ride along side the latest cars from around the world.

After we screeched to a halt at our hotel, we got settled in and went exploring. We found another Contiki traveler eating by the pool and got to know her a bit better. Later that night we met the rest of our Contiki crew and our fearless leader, the one mentioned in all the reviews – Sherif (pronounced Sherrief). He is a well educated, passionate man who loves his country and is great at his job. He is the gem of the Contiki tour and without him I don’t think it would have been half as good. After eating dinner together at the hotel we settled in for the big day ahead.

Our first stop was Cairo museum which could be described as the garage of the ancient world. Bits and pieces of history lie everywhere. Sherif took us through the highlights and then we had some time to get lost in the museum ourselves. Some people paid a bit extra to see some mummies.

Our next stop was the great pyramids of Giza, which are breath taking. The video captures a bit of the magic but there’s nothing like sitting on the pyramid and thinking this is thousands of years of history right here. We saddled ourselves onto some camels and enjoyed a ride around the pyramids with the best ancient backdrop you could ask for. We then went to visit the Spinx where we all took inappropriate photos and then headed back into the city for tasty Egyptian dinner. That night we boarded an overnight train to Aswan. We were warned to avoid the food on the train, but as we had all just had a huge meal nobody was hungry anyway. The group ended up in the smokey bar area of the train where we played silly games late into the night and got to know each other a bit better. Whilst the train is no where near luxury it was a fun experience and our beds were clean.

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