Easter Egg Hunter

It’s my favorite time of year, I get to celebrate my birthday, in South Africa we have a pile of awesome public holidays, and we get to celebrate Easter. Whilst we’ll look more into the meaning of Easter in our next video I thought it would be fun to do something silly to celebrate the Easter of our youth. When it was all about hunting for eggs, a magical bunny and eating chocolate until your face is completely covered by the delicious brown treat.

Byron, Mandy and I went down into the nature reserve near my home and had some fun. It’s one of my favorite places to film. The light breaks through the trees sporadically creating this spectacular sight, a filmmaker’s nightmare in terms of controlling the look of your image with consumer equipment. We have an awesome short film we shot here late last year with pro gear which will be released later on in the year.

Thanks to Mandy’s love of Behind the Scenes we also have a few fun moments caught on camera below where you can see us discussing how the scenes should play out.

Attempting to create videos more regularly definitely puts pressure on the quality of the videos. I think we could have done a lot more with this concept and made it more beautiful but I’ve succumb to the fact that we need to learn how to be smarter and more creative in how we produce these videos to increase the quality regardless of time constraints. Each video is a step forward.

Marc Williams

Some say I'm the most handsome man in the world (my mom), others tend to disagree, but one thing is certain - I love to entertain. Whether it be through music, writing, or film, seeing people respond with a smile is worth more than a bag of gold. Figuratively obviously, because smiles are free and gold is very expensive.

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