One of the biggest disconnects I’ve found with people in my young adult life is drinking. I’ve never seen the point of drinking, it tastes bad, it makes you loose your mind and look like an idiot, you feel terrible the next day and it’s crazy expensive. I get that it’s a drug, it’s the high that you’re searching for, but at the cost of your health?

Whilst my emotional brain understands the need for some kind of fulfillment and disconnect from the harsh reality life can often bring, my logical brain tells my emotional brain to suck it up and be sensible. The fact that people need this crutch to have fun is so sad, because it’s not really fun. It’s a chemical telling your brain it’s having fun.

But let me avoid being all preachy and just say I’ve agreed to disagree with people who drink. I’ll try my best not to judge you when you’re rolling around on the floor, or being restrained because you’re trying to break furniture. It’s going to be difficult, but for you I’ll try.

Marc Williams

Some say I'm the most handsome man in the world (my mom), others tend to disagree, but one thing is certain - I love to entertain. Whether it be through music, writing, or film, seeing people respond with a smile is worth more than a bag of gold. Figuratively obviously, because smiles are free and gold is very expensive.

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