CityHill Church Launch

It finally arrived. HCF is now CityHill church. The 6th of March was an amazing day, thousands gathered from all the church’s sites in one venue. There was excitement in the air as the church began to worship God together and celebrate his amazing love.

I was involved in the Promise Land, our children’s church’s, rap. The most daunting part was trying to remember all those words. It’s amazing how, even though you know the words, when you stand on a stage the words can disappear. In the end I remembered most of them, and improvised for some. It was an awesome privilege to be a part of such an iconic moment in the church’s history.

Visit CityHill’s website here to find out more.

Special thanks to Mandy Rothquel, Msizi Hadebe, Cole Marshall and Ayanda for filming different bits for me.

Marc Williams

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