Becoming Undead

After years of talking about it, months of organising, a crazy day of filming and an entire year of on and off editing, Becoming Undead is finally finished and out in the big zombie filled world. Although I’m never fully satisfied once a video is edited, and even tweaked things on the final day before it was released, I am very proud of what we achieved here with no budget and blindly guessing as to how to do this as we went along.

This video took so much effort from so many people, all volunteering their amazing talents to make it happen.

Our camera man and director of photography Ignatius Gouws brought his top of the range equipment and years of experience, not to mention putting his body on the line to get the awesome shots in the film.

The amazing Joy Meyer, who did all the makeup and directed our volunteers in getting so many Zombies ready for set in record time. The estate that we shot in has security at the exit and some of our cast members were actually stopped on their way home because security was concerned about the blood.

Jason Groom who stepped up to the plate like a legend, ran enough to complete a marathon, put horrible contacts in his eyes and endured a gruelling day on set. It was so much fun working with you.

To Granny Di, my favourite actress, who after being in hospital hiked into and out of the valley we shot in with full makeup and dress in blistering heat to do her scene, thank-you.

To all my special Zombies with your insane running and sitting for hours in the make-up chair followed by more hours trying to get it off, the people that worked hard behind the camera and the people that popped in to help out just for a few hours because they wanted to be a part of the action, thank-you.

I hope we will have lifelong memories of that time we shot our first Zombie movie, and I look forward to our next big project.

Check out our behind the scenes video for more action:



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