Am I Losing My Accent

I was speaking to a South African friend the other day and kept saying yeah. I was then accused of loosing my accent which is of course ridiculous after just two months. In South Africa the norm is to use the Afrikaans word, “ja,” which means yes, but has become part of the way English people speak too. Obviously few English people know what that means and so when speaking to someone from anywhere else in the world it’s best to say yeah, or actually use the word yes like a civilized person.

In Cayman the Caribbean accent can be in a league of its own. Most Caymanians speak in a more worldy accent because they have to work with people from all over the world. But if you listen to them talking to each other, or come across one who has had less exposure to ‘outsiders,’ it’s as if they’re speaking an entirely different language.

I find these differences between us so interesting. How so many of us speak the same language and yet it sounds so different. How culture and other languages can influence an international language based on where it is. Even the English don’t always speak English. It’s these things that make life so interesting, it’s these kinds of things that make life beautiful.

Marc Williams

Some say I'm the most handsome man in the world (my mom), others tend to disagree, but one thing is certain - I love to entertain. Whether it be through music, writing, or film, seeing people respond with a smile is worth more than a bag of gold. Figuratively obviously, because smiles are free and gold is very expensive.

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