A Day in the Life of an Audit Trainee

People think being an accountant is dull and boring, and depending on what kind of accountant we’re talking about, you would be absolutely right. To illustrate this point I decided to shoot an ordinary day in the life of an audit trainee.

More qualified than an accounting clerk, less qualified than a financial accountant, an auditor doesn’t do accounting they test accounting. In fact an auditor is more like an accounting tester than an accountant, similar to a battery tester but with more risk.

Granted this video is cheeky, I’m actually not sure I could discuss the wonders of auditing¬†without being cheeky, but this is exactly what we do every day. Tap away in front of a computer. But pretty much all jobs require this these days, right? This is pretty much an ordinary day, in fact you couldn’t get much more ordinary.

Marc Williams

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