10 Things to do during load shedding

South Africa’s sole electricity provider (Eskom), owned and run by our government, did not plan sufficiently for the growing electricity user base in our country. As a result there is often greater demand than supply of power in our country. To stop the entire grid from collapsing, Eskom has initiated something called load shedding. Their website defines it as,

“a measure of last resort to prevent the collapse of the power system country-wide. When there is insufficient power station capacity to supply the demand (load) from all the customers, the electricity system becomes unbalanced, which can cause it to trip out country-wide (a blackout), and which could take days to restore. When power is insufficient, Eskom can thus either increase supply or reduce demand to bring the system back into balance.”

You can guess which option they choose. To reduce the supply they create a schedule of when certain areas will be switched off which often leaves you home late at night cooking dinner or watching you favourite show when the power goes out.

On one such occasion I grabbed a whole bunch of candles and filmed this vlog just for you.

You’re welcome.

Marc Williams

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