Jason Derulo Kicks off VidCon 2017

I journey from Grand Cayman to Anaheim California to watch Jason Derulo kick off VidCon 2017. But first, an overnight layover in Miami and a special tour of the VidCon Creator’s House where creators from all over the world hang out and get their VidCon socialising on.

South Africa and the Drakensberg Mountains

After 16 months I finally got to return to South Africa. My parents and I took a trip to the Drakensberg mountains to spend some quality family time together hiking, riding horses and exploring. The main reason for the trip was actually for my cousin’s wedding – you can watch it here.

Extending My Stay In Cayman

I’m excited to finally be able to share that I will be staying in the Cayman Islands for at least two more years. In this video I share the reasoning behind why staying is the best for me, and some if the highs and lows of not returning home. While living in Cayman I’ve gone through some extreme highs and extreme lows, I’ve had to learn to deal with that by alone, while my support system is thousands of miles away. It’s the life of an expat. It may not always be easy but it’s worth it.

Let’s Talk about VidCon 2017 | VidCon Small YouTuber Tag

VidCon 2017 is less than two months away, and the excitement is building. I was tagged in the VidCon Small YouTuber tag – this is my response. The VIDCON SMALL YOUTUBER TAG questions: 1. Introduce yourself! (Not a question, just do it) 2. Why are you going to VidCon? 3. What are you most excited for about VidCon? 4. What are you least excited for about VidCon? 5. What are you bringing to VidCon? (Think unique things!) 6. If VidCon let you create a panel/event, what would it be and who would be a part of it? 7. What would...

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Vlogvember 2016

I’ve officially lost my mind. For the entire month of November I will be making a video EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have been struggling just to keep up with the once a week videos and trying to work on other ideas for my main channel, and yet here I am signing up for a video every day. The reason I think it can be done, is I know I spend hours every day searching the web, watching series and generally wasting time. I want to challenge myself to be more productive with my free time. To push myself to practice...

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I’m Addicted to Smoothies

It’s a silly addiction no doubt, but an addiction non the less. I crave smoothies, I crave that sweet taste and the smooth texture of cool happy goodness flowing down my throat. It’s even more satisfying when you convince yourself that this amazing taste is actually good for you. It’s a healthy meal. But even something that’s theoretically healthy can be bad for you if you have it too much. I am currently trying to slow my smoothie intake but it’s like I’m giving up cocaine and my mouth just starts watering at the thought of a smoothie. Somebody… help!

A life free from Auditing

What does job satisfaction look like? Do you have to be the most passionate person when your job is taking out the trash, or cleaning up after spoilt kids? Is it internal or external factors that influence how you feel about your job? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself over the last few months as I desperately searched for a job that would allow me to stay in the Cayman Islands. It is almost impossible to change my career, considering the reason they allowed me to come here is because of my qualifications. But perhaps I could do...

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About a month ago some friends and I came up with a tag idea to blow tags out of the water. What if we could create a tag that wasn’t a challenge, but was rather something narrative? What if we could do it over October with a Halloween theme? What if we could get a bunch of YouTubers to do it, and see it spread? That was the thinking behind YouTube is haunted. If you’re reading this it’s already too late. I discovered something in the YouTube system, something so horrid I can’t explain it. It’s waiting for me, I...

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